Success Takes Courage!

Want to see the “Success Pyramid” in action? Read on!

I thought I’d share a story of a young person I recently concluded a series of coaching sessions with. He was referred to me by his manager because his manager was frustrated that it took the individual (we will call him Joseph) so long to complete his work. His manager indicated he wanted Joseph to be successful, but was lost at how to proceed.

When I met Joseph I asked him a simple question, “If you could be successful in this job, would you want to be?” Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and be completely honest with ourselves. It’s hard to avoid doing that when it’s your coach holding up the mirror. The question really stopped Joseph in his tracks and he took a couple minutes to ponder it. And the answer? Yes, he wanted to be successful.

Next step, figuring out what you are doing that is helping and what is hurting. If you’ve read my articles on the Success Pyramid, you know that it is our behaviors that either lead us to success, or block it from our future. But below those behaviors are all the stories we tell ourselves. Joseph had lots of stories he needed to reexamine and figure out how to rewrite. When we started examining barrier after barrier Joseph had to face the fact that he had basically done everything possible to create the current untenable situation.

Over the course of a few months Joseph, with coaching, identified the stories that needed to be rewritten, and fix the situations he had created. One at a time, in a sequence we strategized about, he rewrote his stories and found himself in a brand new place at work – a place where he could be successful. In our last meeting he said he was afraid he might go back to his old patterns and I assured him, “Joseph, you can call me anytime.”

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