One-on-One Coaching

Coaching with Steve is action-oriented, direct, and supported by scientifically validated assessments. Get unstuck, make real progress and achieve significant goals while remaining balanced.

Organizational Development

Whether you need help onboarding a new leader, strategic planning, redesigning a part of the company, or defining your culture and vision, we can help.

Talent Assessment

The talent in your company is the engine that drives performance. Make sure you have the right people, and that they have the right skills.

Un-Biased Help for Any Size Organization

Steve Brown Consulting provides coaching and human resource consulting to business. He is passionate about developing leaders because leaders are the key leverage point for both employee engagement and business results. He has helped deliver game-changing development at all levels including the “C Suite”. With 40 years experience as a leader in business, Steve has delivered more than 3,000 hours of professional coaching backed by a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Psychology.

Unbiased help

Getting started

Each person, organization, and challenge is unique. Before either of us decide to work together we start with a free consultation. This is generally 30 to 45 minutes to better understand your goals and specific needs. From there I can give you a proposal for services. Take the first step by contacting me today.

Contact us today to get more information about the executive coaching and talent assessment services we offer. And, take a look at our blog for useful insights and ideas that can be applied to your organization.


This double helix of real-world experience and broad academic strength creates a strategically focused champion for you and your organization. Leveraging expertise in business and human behavior, is only part of our approach. Our practice and methods are also based on utilizing scientifically validated and well-respected assessments like the Voices 360, or the EQ-i 2.0. Getting unbiased, researched based, insights is an extremely powerful tool that results in faster coaching results. That is not to say our solutions are ever “off the rack”, each engagement receives both a high touch and bespoke approach ensuring a client-centric outcome.

At Steve Brown Consulting each client engagement is unique and tailored to your needs, be that executive coaching or Human Resource consulting. This starts with a conversation about your goals and desired outcomes. Based on that we will build a solution that is sensitive to your time line and goals.

Talent Assessment

As pointed out in Good to Great, Jim Collins suggests that your most important decisions are not what decisions, but who decisions. Our talent assessment strategy focuses on who can get results, how they get those results, where your strategic gaps are, and how should you be planning to fill them. This whole-picture approach is critical. For example, success in completing a mission critical goal is great but if it is done at the expense of relationships needed to reach the next goal, you have a talent problem.

On-going assessment and action planning around talent is a key differentiator in business success. And it has never been more critical than today as we watch Baby Boomers retire en mass. Making sure your leadership pipeline will meet your future needs and may be the most important thing any company can do.

Steve Brown Consulting helps you build out a robust talent assessment / planning process. We can build the tools and processes for you to use, or we can even manage the full assessment process for you. Let’s face it, most HR Professionals have their plate pretty full already, so we’re here to take some or all of that load off you. Just like coaching, this starts with a conversation about your goals and timelines. From there we will build a proposal for you and explore if working together is the right approach.